Breckenridge Ski Resort opens on Friday and that gives us sweaty palms and heart palpations, 2011/2012 here we come! 

Writing from the base of Peak 8, I can hear the constant hum of snow guns coating our favorite trails in wintery goodness (that or I am suffering from an early onset of schizophrenia). Over the last two weeks what started as a quiet buzz has built into a crescendo signaling that Opening Day is, in fact, upon us. Fresh faces, seasonal faces and out of state plates have appeared in our tiny ski town and Breckenridge is once again flush with the lifeblood of commerce.

With the upcoming season in mind I have compiled a list of tips to streamline your vacation experience.

Tips for the Season 

  • Do not get sucked into the 8 headed Hydra-beast I-70 becomes on any given Sunday once the lifts are turning. Plan ahead and leave early in the day or hunker down in town with a good meal until the coast is clear. (Stop down at the front desk for local recommendations)
  • Lifties and Ski Patrol are excellent sources of beta: for powder stashes; times certain lifts and terrain are expected to open; and most importantly where to stay away from. 
  • The majority of accidents happen on that “last run” which usually takes place long after your legs have given up. Follow suit and know when to walk away to an excellent Après-ski special. (Stop down at the desk for a complete run down on all the best specials)
  • Set a goal for the season, maybe it’s going from a green skier to a blue. This year you might want to check out the trees or perhaps you’re after the steep and deep. Whatever your goal is go for it and hang tough if it doesn’t happen right away! (My goal is 1 million vertical feet skied)
  • If you’re renting make sure to get your skis from our on-site Christy Sports, which is offering 20% off for our guests and as an added bonus you don’t even have to leave our complex.
  • If you have a season pass, sign up for Epic Mix, which allows you to track your vertical feet, connect with friends, and share photos from your ski vacation! (Ours is linked to our Facebook profile, check it out)

Finally, I hope to see all our cyber space friends here in Breckenridge in person celebrating their passion for life and skiing/snowboarding.

Get to it and we’ll see you out there!

*Chris Tabb lives on-site at 9,600ft with his fiance and Jack Russell Terrier.

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