With over a foot of fresh powder dropping in Breckenridge this week, it only felt right to do a whole blog about snow. So, I have decided to do an homage to snow– dictionary style. Well, sort of…

 Iniut Words for Snow

Aniu: snow on the ground
Cellarrlir: to snow heavily
Muruaneq: soft, deep s/now
Natquik: drifting snow/etc pirta blizzard, snowstorm
Pukak: dry snow crystals, the consistency of powdered sugar
Qanir- to snow
Qannialaaq: lightly falling snow
Qanuk: snowflake

BroBrah words for Snow

Butter: Snow that is smooth, soft, and easy to cut (turn)
Champagne Powder: Super light, fluffy powder, common in Colorado.
Corduroy: Perfectly groomed snow with ridges still intact
Corn Snow: When snow that was icy then groomed and chopped up warms up and begins to melt
Dusting:A very, very miniscule snow fall
Freshies: Bro speak for powder
Groomers: Usually used to refer to a type of a trail that is well maintained or groomed
Packed Powder:A ski resort term for the day after a powder day Powder/ Pow:Freshly fallen snow.
Yellow Snow:Don’t eat it!

So whether you love muruaneq or pukak, champagne or groomers, we’ve got it here in Breck. Book your vacation at Pine Ridge, and ski-in today!

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