Our family visited Pine Ridge last week and wanted to thank you for a wonderful week. Special thanks to Chris who helped us with an Emergency Physician when our one year needed medical attention. Thanks again for a wonderful time in Breckenridge!


Lucy T.

We apologize to our followers that it’s been so long since we’ve posted. Pine Ridge in Breckenridge has been incredibly busy! From Opening day at Breckenridge Ski Resort to Chris Tabb’s mountain wedding, to the Dew Tour and all the way through the winter holidays– we’ve been out and about. With so much happening, can you really blame us for missing a few posts? Well, we’re here now and ready to tell you about ALL of it!

It’s Breckenridge Ski Resort’s 50th Anniversary, and it’s been kind of a big deal around here. On opening day, Pine Ridge got 2nd chair (behind some worthy military personnel, as it was Veteran’s Day). There were cupcakes, a champagne toast, and the unveiling of the Breckenridge 50th Anniversary beer. Just another day at Pine Ridge.


On a shorter note: one of our employees, Chris Tabb, the social media manager, was married in Breckenridge on December 9. A big welcome to Mrs. Emily Tabb to the Pine Ridge family.


One of the biggest deals this winter, so far, has been the Mountain Dew Tour.  There were big names, big prizes, a big halfpipe, a Yeti, and a railjam downtown. Breckenridge local Duncan Adams took 3rd in the Men’s Ski Superpipe.  You can find video of all of this and more highlights from the Dew Tour on our youtube channel: PineRidgeInBreck.


The holidays, oh the holidays! From Thanksgiving to Christmas have been nothing short of spectacular here at Pine Ridge. The smell of delicious turkey wafting down our hallways was hard to miss. As was the Wassail Festival in Frisco, where some of our more talented employees went caroling for free cider. And who could forget the 1st annual Race of the Santa’s in Breckenridge, where 150 Santas skipped, jogged, ran, and danced down Main Street towards their reindeer. The North Pole has nothing on us!


All in all, our winter wonderland here at Pine Ridge Condominiums has been bustling. Please check back for photos and videos of all the fun events and many more! Check back next week for our newest post…….

Breckenridge Ski Resort opens on Friday and that gives us sweaty palms and heart palpations, 2011/2012 here we come! 

Writing from the base of Peak 8, I can hear the constant hum of snow guns coating our favorite trails in wintery goodness (that or I am suffering from an early onset of schizophrenia). Over the last two weeks what started as a quiet buzz has built into a crescendo signaling that Opening Day is, in fact, upon us. Fresh faces, seasonal faces and out of state plates have appeared in our tiny ski town and Breckenridge is once again flush with the lifeblood of commerce.

With the upcoming season in mind I have compiled a list of tips to streamline your vacation experience.

Tips for the Season 

  • Do not get sucked into the 8 headed Hydra-beast I-70 becomes on any given Sunday once the lifts are turning. Plan ahead and leave early in the day or hunker down in town with a good meal until the coast is clear. (Stop down at the front desk for local recommendations)
  • Lifties and Ski Patrol are excellent sources of beta: for powder stashes; times certain lifts and terrain are expected to open; and most importantly where to stay away from. 
  • The majority of accidents happen on that “last run” which usually takes place long after your legs have given up. Follow suit and know when to walk away to an excellent Après-ski special. (Stop down at the desk for a complete run down on all the best specials)
  • Set a goal for the season, maybe it’s going from a green skier to a blue. This year you might want to check out the trees or perhaps you’re after the steep and deep. Whatever your goal is go for it and hang tough if it doesn’t happen right away! (My goal is 1 million vertical feet skied)
  • If you’re renting make sure to get your skis from our on-site Christy Sports, which is offering 20% off for our guests and as an added bonus you don’t even have to leave our complex.
  • If you have a season pass, sign up for Epic Mix, which allows you to track your vertical feet, connect with friends, and share photos from your ski vacation! (Ours is linked to our Facebook profile, check it out)

Finally, I hope to see all our cyber space friends here in Breckenridge in person celebrating their passion for life and skiing/snowboarding.

Get to it and we’ll see you out there!

*Chris Tabb lives on-site at 9,600ft with his fiance and Jack Russell Terrier.

With Keystone opening today and Breck set to open in exactly one week, this tiny town is waking up from the shoulder season.

Breckenridge Ski Resort is set for opening November 11, 2011!
The Breckenridge Ski Resort will celebrate their 50th Anniversary on Friday, December 16, 2011. This date falls on one of the resort’s signature annual events, the Winter Dew Tour, with competitions on the mountain and celebrations throughout town.

Wine and Cheese Wednesday’s – Ridge St. Wine, 304 S. Main St. Free cheese assortment and tapenades. Wines by the glass or ½ glass. Budget friendly way to get out with friends, socialize and try some great new wines. 5-7 pm

Public Ice Skating –
Stephen C. West Ice Arena
Call 970-547-9974 for open skating hours or lessons

Historic Saloon Tours
11 am – 3 pm. Visit the Welcome Center for information. 970-453-9767
Breckenridge Welcome Center, 203 S. Main St.

Matchstick Productions Presents the Film “Attack of La Nina” – Riverwalk Center, Thursday, November 10th, 8 pm. MSP chronicles the deepest North American winter in recent history. Show casing the talents of today’s best skiers in a journey through the snowiest winter of their lives. “Attack of La Nina” will transport you to Colorado, Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, California and other world class destinations. Doors open at 7 pm.

We now have a full line of retail items at Ambika Healing Massage to complement the therapies we offer.  Now, you can extend the value of your massage and bodywork treatments with herbal supplements that will help you in a variety of ways.  I have personally selected herbs that help with muscle trauma, support the immune system, aid in elimination, and mitigate the effects of stress.  There is something for everyone!

Sacred Smudge Sticks from New Mexico
Smudge Sticks
Since energy healing is a popular treatment on the services menu, I have ordered some sacred smudge sticks from the Taos Herb Company in Taos, New Mexico.  These smudge sticks are handmade on the Native American Pueblo in Taos.  I am selling 3 kinds:  sage, cedar, and sweetgrass.  Sage is used for healing and to clear the air for ceremonies.  Cedar is used for protection and to cleanse unwanted energies in a house, building, or on a person.  Sweetgrass is used to bring about the feminine energy and the Mother Earth energy.  I also have abalone shells that serve as a container when burning the smudge sticks.

                                                   Handmade in Breckenridge, Colorado

Homemade Salves
Lastly, I’ve made a line of body products known as Ambika Therapies, that are all handmade in Breckenridge by yours truly under the waxing moon.  Farmers believe that crops growI have salves, massage oils, body sprays, and more.  I use herbs and therapeutic-grade essential oils in my products, and all of the massage oils contain a quartz crystal from the mountains of Breckenridge, Colorado.  I have four massage oils:  Rub Rub Relax; Aches Away; Balanced Body; and Skin Smoothie; they all contain an Ayurvedic blend of carrier oils that are steeped in herbs, and four salves:  Aches Away, Healing Hands, Wound Heal, and Sinus Salve.  They do what they say they will!

The chakra oils are made with therapeutic-grade essential oils from Elizabeth Van Buren and are used during my energy healing treatment.  I have testers so you can smell different blends…the one you are attracted to is most likely the one your body needs.  Go with it!

Staring anxiously out our office window at the snowflakes falling in the courtyard, I catch myself silently urging them on – “Fall Faster”.


It has been no secret since the end of August I’ve been in full blown winter mode; swapping out crud cages for powder baskets and sewing the fist sized tear in my ski jacket (a lasting reminder to stay away from trees much like strangers). I’ve conspicuously placed my skis by the door similar to the way a fireman leaves his boots in his rolled up pants ready to go…just in case. My soon-to-be wife understands this sickness and no longer buys the excuse “I’m just breaking them in” as to why I’m walking around the apartment in ski boots… in September and October.


When in the company of those souls who have barred their teeth through many a Breckenridge winter, I keep these tidbits of conversation to myself. I’m well aware of the guffaws and head shakes my excitement will evoke and that my exuberance reveals me as a non-local or worse…(dun, dun, dun) a gaper!


So I will call out myself: I am a gaper, a nube, fresh faced with excitement that fuels a “first chair, last call” attitude to not only skiing but life.


Come join me this season with unbridled excitement, because I think La Nina has a little sister and this year is going to be Epic!

Chris Tabb lives with his fiance and dog at 9,600 feet in beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado.

With winter weather pending this weekend is shaping up to be picture perfect with high temps and clear skies. Couple this beautiful weather with Pine Ridge’s Buy 1 Get 1 Free special and your sure to have a blast.

Haunted Tours of Breckenridge, Historic Saloon Tours, Washington
Gold Silver Mine Tour, Historic Walking Tours, Call for details, call 970-453-9767

Arts Alive -Friday, Saturday October 14th -15th , 6 pm., La Cima Mall, 500 S. Main St., The Fall colors are at their peak. Come to the gallery and see fall interpretations by local artists. 970-453-0450

French Gulch Guided Hike -Every Monday, 10 am. Turn on Wellington off Main St., continue 1.1 miles at stop sign turn right onto French Gulch Rd., At 3 miles you will reach the trailhead to the Reiling Dredge. Meet your guide Mike, at the parking lot on the left. Join one of our experienced guides for a hike in French Gulch. This hike is moderate-difficult. 970-453-9767

Iowa Hill Guided Hike -Every Thursday, 10 am. From the Breckenridge Welcome Center head north on Hwy 9. Turn left at Valley Brook Rd. Turn right on Airport Rd., The trail head is ½ mile up on the left hand side. Parking is available in the dirt lot. Join one of our local experts for a hike through the historic Iowa Hill Mine. Enter the once 1868 restored miner’s boarding house, see mining artifacts and find out what mining was all about in Breckenridge. Easy Hike. 970-453-9767

Drew Reges playing at the Motherloaded Tavern -103 S. Main St., Friday, October 14th , 9 pm. Modern and classic rock -Subtime, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Peal Jam, Gin Blossoms, Eric Clapton.

The Frozen Movement with Fisk (fresh2death) – three20south, 320 S. Main St., Friday, October 14th, 9 pm. TMF blend funk, rock, jazz, reggae, and electronica to create High-Altitude Electro-Funk-Rock.

Izzy & the Castastrophics w/The Universally Famous Rocket Surgeons -Saturday, October 15th, 9 pm. three20south, 320 S. Main St., 1950’s Rock n’Roll, Classic Country, 1930’s Swing, with Surf & Bluegrass.

Breckenridge Distillery -Tasting room, 137 S. Main St., Tuesdays -Sundays, 1 -8 pm. Distillery, 1925 Airport Rd., Mondays -Saturdays, 11 am -6 pm. Saloon Tours and Tastings available. 970-547-9759

Stoney Live at the Motherloaded Tavern -103 S. Main St., Saturday, October 15th, 10 pm. Great dance music – Ramones, Neil Diamond, Foo Fighters, Johnny Cash. 970-453-2572

Trivia and $2 Tuesdays -Motherloaded Tavern, 103 S. Main St., Tuesday, October 18th, 9 pm. Live hosted trivia with drink specials and prizes. 970-453-2572

The North Face Speaker Series presents Mark Synnott – Riverwalk Center, Saturday, October 15th  7 pm. 3rd Annual Series presents Mark’s quest to climb the world’s wildest cliffs, taking him to the Arctic, Himalayas, and the Amazon. Recently he explored the Ennedi desert in North Africa, where he and his team ascended rock spires and arches. Mark mixes tales of high adrenalin with droll humor, and his images are breathtaking. http://thenorthface.inticketing.com/events/154574

Grand Adventure Balloon Tours
Rise with the hot air & see the Rocky Mtns from a peaceful hot air balloon ride. Mountain flying offers some of the most amazing scenery, but is the gentlest balloon experience available. Mountain flying is great for the whole family. Flights are weather permitting,so scheduling for your 1st available morning. Call 970-887-1340

Arapahoe Basin, Colorado – October 12, 2011 – After a great week of snowmaking and several fresh inches of snow, Arapahoe Basin ski area officials announce that opening day for the 2011-2012 ski season will be Thursday, October 13, 2011.  The ski area has only been closed 100 days since last season ended on July 4, 2011.


Black Mountain Express will open to the public at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday.  Skiers and riders can look forward to an 18-inch base on the intermediate High Noon run along with several features in the High Divide Terrain Park.  There will be no beginner skiing at this time.


A tribute to Arapahoe Basin founders Marnie Jump and Max Dercum who passed away this year will take place before the lifts open to the public.


Opening day adult lift tickets will be available for $59, youth tickets age 15 – 18 will be $49 and child tickets age 6-14 will be $30.  The ski and snowboard rental shop, tune shop, food and beverage service, the 6th Alley bar and retail shop will be open to the public.  Snowsports lessons will be available on a limited basis.


Local radio station, KYSL will be doing a live morning show and giving away lift tickets on-air.  KSMT will also be on site in the base area with a live remote, playing music and handing out give-aways.

Something I love to do in the summer and fall here in Breckenridge is hike. It’s like walking in a painting; I can’t get enough of the colors. Yesterday, my dog and I trekked up Peak 8. As winter has been creeping in each day now, I knew that my hiking days were short lived. It’s as if my dog knew this might be his last hike of the season too; he took his time, smelled every bush, and back tracked twice over.

We barely made it past One Ski Hill Place when the wind and snow became too much. I had been caught. I had walked out my door at Pine Ridge in shorts, a patagonia long sleeve top and a light vest, hiked two miles, and walked straight into a wintery storm. We had to turn back. Winter had announced itself.

What’s so amazing about the high country is that the end of one season is the turning point to another. There’s always a reason to celebrate. So, as I put my hiking boots in their respective “winter location” in my closet, I actually celebrated. Out came the winter coat, my snow boots, skiis, boots and poles. I made some wassail, sat on my couch in front of the fire, and thanked Ullr that I was in Breckenridge, Colorado when winter arrived.