Rafting & Kayaking

Colorado is known for its amazing rafting, and while there’s no rafting down the Blue River through Breckenridge, the town has an abundance of experienced outfitters that will provide an exciting whitewater adventure.

What to Bring
MAY, JUNE, AND SEPTEMBER: Bathing suits/shorts, sunscreen, sunglasses with a retainer, fleece or polypropylene top, wool socks, bottled water, warm change of clothes for after the trip.
JULY-AUGUST: Bathing suits/shorts, sunscreen, sunglasses with a retainer, polypropylene top for class 4-5 trips, bottled water, change of clothes for after the trip.

River Difficulty
Performance Tours uses the international river rating system to describe the rivers. Trips are offered on Class I – Class V Rivers and creeks. The sections that they run are often remote and inaccessible. This is part of the adventure, but it also means that evacuation may be difficult. New rafters and kayakers should get a feel for the type of whitewater that suits them best by starting out on a less difficult river. Check out the river rating system before signing up for your adventure.

For further information please visit http://www.performancetours.com/.

Summit County, Colorado’s No. 1 choice in rafting for 25 years, Performance Tours specializes in whitewater rafting trips from beginner rafting to expert rafting on Colorado’s four best whitewater rafting rivers: Arkansas River; Colorado River; Clear Creek and Blue River. We raft all season, from May through August, and we offer trips through Brown’s Canyon, Royal Gorge, Wildhorse Canyon and Bighorn Canyon.